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The South African Growth Institute (SAGI) is legally incorporated in the Republic of South Africa as a Non Profit Organisation and Public Benefit Organisation. The South African Growth Institute primarily focuses its activities in the areas of Strategic Corporate Philanthropy and Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility. We innovate new business models through disruptive innovation changing the CSR Landscape.

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The SAGI Business Model can be described as a Hybrid Business Model having developed from a pure NGO model to a Social Enterprise (For-Profit For-Purpose). In this context SAGI fundamentally understands that it has to position itself as an agency that satisfies the needs of its Donors, grow it’s customer base, have a distinctive and unique value proposition and develop a split financial model that lessens our dependence on donor funding and grows our revenue base.

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We offer Products and Services that include amongst others:

  • Strategy & innovation consultation services
  • Organisation & project funding facilitation and support
  • Governance & compliance
  • Corporate CSI engagement platform
  • Training , seminars & workshops
  • Facilitating access to infrastructure resources i.e. office furniture & equipment
  • Practical legal assistance

Our Vision at SAGI is to embrace the principles of Social Business, Innovation and Sustainability and empower organisations to rise above the traditional NPO donor support models by offering alternative solutions like the “For Purpose, For Profit” approach. We aim to seek out opportunities that translate into high impact and meaningful outcomes that positively contribute to Nation Building and the ongoing sustainability of the NPO sector.

What makes us unique is that:

  • We have extensive business experience in the corporate and public sector
  • We are strong on leveraging technology through innovation
  • We have a significant network of partners and thought leaders
  • We have extensive knowledge of Corporate Social Investment and Social Business
  • Transformation and change are core to our business philosophy
  • We have a proven track record in CSI funding and programme and project management
  • We have access to specialised consulting services in communications, sustainability and legal compliance
  • We have an existing portfolio of projects that showcases our capability